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Everyone is familiar with the surrealist Salvador Dali and his famous artworks, but not as many people know about his permanent exhibition in France called the Espace Dalí. The entire complex holds over three hundred original art pieces made by Dali himself. It’s located near the Place du Terte in Montmarte. Creations like the Space Elephant are housed in this museum along with several other Dalinian sculptures. Dali’s conquest for surrealism is a widespread conveyance of its curiosity through the different artistic media. He made use of everything from paperwork to painting to sculpture.

DEspace Dalí
Espace Dalí – Photography by Florian75018

Within the museum, there are many chambers for the various types of visitors. There are workshops for children to learn about art, as well as temporary exhibitions at specific halls. The two galleries that make up the museum are the Galerie Dali and the Galerie Montmarte. The later is for several contemporary artists’ exhibition usage. The Espace Dalí is a wonderful place to visit for art enthusiasts, historians, professors, students and even families. It showcases the biggest group of artworks made by the master and is open to visitors young and old.


Singapore’s recent fame with the art world isn’t just because of its status as a prestigious place to attend art auctions. The country’s own sculptors have a big impact on the global community as well. Now, let’s delve into the artistic life of Singapore’s Han Sai Por.

Han Sai Por is one of Singapore’ treasured artists. She studied at several notable art schools such as the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, East Ham College of Art, the Wolverhampton College of Art and the Lincoln University in New Zealand. Her sculptures reflect upon the eyes as very organic and natural in shape. She plays with the theme of life and the role that natural design plays in our world. Han’s very first exhibition; Four Dimensions was held at the National Museum Gallery in the early 1990’s.

Han Sai Por SculptureSculpture by Han Sai Por – Photography by Stefano Sartor

Han founded the Sculpture Society of Singapore at the turn of the millennium, and was the very first resident sculptor of the organization’s sculpture Pavillion at Fort Canning Park. It was there that she leaned on her taste for organic sculpture even more and created masterpieces from the trunks of Tembusu trees. Despite this, she is known much more for the stone sculptures that she creates to portray natural wonders like the birth of seeds and the spirit of nature. Han is a sculptor who has achieved more in her lifetime than most artists could ever dream of. She was awarded the Cultural Medallion for Art in 1995 among several other recognitions that were given to her during the course of her career.

The Makati West Rotary Club‘s art exhibition continues this year with much enthusiasm as the group teams up with 27 of the countries leading sculptors including historics like sculptors Sajid Imao, Ramon Orlina and Impy Pilapil, as well as fast emerging talent from youths like the 22 year old modernist Kylo Chua and his father Seb Chua. It is a project by the club’s Culture Committee that will be spearheaded by project co-chairs National Artist I.P. Santos and Jun Alvendia.

alay sining

National artist for the visual arts; Napoleon Abueva, and art patron Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala will both be doing the ribbon cutting for the opening ceremony.The Alay Sining 3 is a one day exhibit and will be held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Feb. 9, 2011.

Proceeds from the portion sales of every artwork will go to charities for heart surgery in the Filipino child community. The club’s “Gift of Life” Program has helped over 200 kids undergo the operation so far, but they hope to raise that number this year.