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An Alumni of the Chicago Institute of Design and the New York Institute of Fine Arts, George Rickey Began his path into sculpture during the 1950’s. His sculptures exude a sense of dynamism that can be considered to be kinetic in genre.In 1985, Rickey had a retrospective of more than a hundred of his personal works located in South Bend Indiana. He told compelling stories of his curious life before and during his artistic path. Rickey lived to a ripe old age (95) and today many of his pieces are remembered as symbols of his long legacy in the art world.Many of his works have had residence in prestigious universities like the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy.


Inspired by the work of Alexander Calder, the famous mobile sculptor, Rickey combined his passion for engineering with his artistic enthusiasm. His mechanical ideas made use of large, often incredibly heavy materials that were made to move at the slightest current of wind. Kinetic sculpture grew on him more and more each day he was alive. His appreciation for motion created the beauties he so often shared with the rest of the artistic community.


Abstract is a word means something that exists only in thought or idea but does not maintain a physical, concrete existence. As a verb, it means to withdraw or take outside of something given.


It’s a common word in art, but whether it be sculpture, painting, mixed media or photography- abstraction is a beauty to the sense. Why? Because we seldom understand it.

The human being yearns to learn and discover new things. It is our unquenchable thirst to know more about the world- so what happens when we present ourselves with something that cannot be governed by fact or formula? We find it absurd! We find it mind-boggling! and after all of that, we seek to understand it beyond anything else!

abstract painting

What caused the human being to create abstract art was indeed an abstract idea in itself. It was the idea that not everything had to be set in stone with regards to the art world. Not every little bit of detail and proportion had to match reality to be perfect. Abstract art is a rebellion of the mind. It was created by a stroke of wonder at what could be beyond human intellect.

Today, abstract artists all over the world converge to marvel at each others works, and more importantly at each other’s stories. We derive our art from our memory and experience, not necessarily from tangible surroundings.