Among the many talented metalsmiths around the world, several of them are descendants of Asian regions. Chunghi Choo who studied in Ewha Women’s University in Seoul eventually became a very famous abstract modernist who takes pride in her manipulated metal jewelry and sculpture. Choo also studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan where she completed he Masters degree in Art. Combining the traditional techniques of weaving, metalsmithing and ceramics, Choo has an upper edge in the hybrid creation of her contemporary artworks. Much of her creative output centers on an inspiration from fashion and utility design in my opinion. Her silver and chrome plated compositions seem to be rooted in some elements of industrial design, yet contain a special deviance of curvatures and links.

Chunghi Choo Sculpture

Sculpture by Ching Hi Choo – Photography by Piers Bertrand

Choo became a teacher at the University of Iowa’s School of Art in 1968 and was recognized as the F.Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Art there as well. Her exhibition venues include the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Danish Museum of Art and Design and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has grown as both an instructor and an artist who not only receives praise for her own works of abstract modernism, but also finds the satisfaction of having several of her students win in nationwide competitions. Choo is a role-model in the practice of modern art and is one of the pioneering contemporary sculptors of the media.