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Have any of you ever encountered Constantin Brâncuşi’s Romanian pieces of modern art? Two days ago while going about my daily rounds about the worldwide artweb, I saw this picture of a remarkably stunning minimalistic sculpture. Clad in a golden hue and oriented like a vertical spire, it was an attention-grabbing artwork I just had to blog about. In the early 1920’s, I believe the original first work, “Pasărea în văzduh” was created. That very same sculpture came up at auction last 2005 and demanded the high selling price of over twenty million dollars. Today his series of sculptures under the known name “Bird in Space” is well spread out across the globe. Australia’s National Gallery, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Italy) and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are just some of the places that house his works of bronze and marble.

Bird in Space Modern Sculpture

What’s amazing about this series of works is how movement is visually captured in a static field of presence. Brâncuşi ‘s unique depiction of his subjects allowed for their artistic beauty to be derived from an alternate source rather than mere physical beauty or symmetry. He posed the notion of dynamic life in his body of works. To showcase this, he made people see a different side of the subjects, encompassing their existence as a visual purpose. Flight, movement, speed and distance can all be felt from one look at his majestic creations. Aside from being a colleague of the famous Marcel Duchamp (The Fountain), Brâncuşi was able to even change the outlook on fine art in the United states customs department when an late 1920’s issue regarding customs inhibited the dignity of his art pieces momentarily. A lot of people supported Brâncuşi  and he eventually won out the favor of society after an appeal. This was the very first non-representational abstract sculpture to be considered as a type of art by the government bodies involved.

Photography credited to Dennis Irrgang
Sculpture by Constantin Brâncuşi

The Makati West Rotary Club‘s art exhibition continues this year with much enthusiasm as the group teams up with 27 of the countries leading sculptors including historics like sculptors Sajid Imao, Ramon Orlina and Impy Pilapil, as well as fast emerging talent from youths like the 22 year old modernist Kylo Chua and his father Seb Chua. It is a project by the club’s Culture Committee that will be spearheaded by project co-chairs National Artist I.P. Santos and Jun Alvendia.

alay sining

National artist for the visual arts; Napoleon Abueva, and art patron Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala will both be doing the ribbon cutting for the opening ceremony.The Alay Sining 3 is a one day exhibit and will be held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Feb. 9, 2011.

Proceeds from the portion sales of every artwork will go to charities for heart surgery in the Filipino child community. The club’s “Gift of Life” Program has helped over 200 kids undergo the operation so far, but they hope to raise that number this year.